Point Shoe Program


Photo Credit: Jenni Woods


Piloted in 2017, the Brown Girls Do Ballet Pointe Shoe Program helps offset one of the major costs associated with ballet: a dancer's pointe shoes. The average pair of pointe shoes costs $65-$120.  Pointe shoes last anywhere from a few hours up to 12 hours of dancing. For example, if a dancer attends an hour-long pointe class once per week, pointe shoes will last for approximately three months. A pre-professional dancer can go through sometimes four pairs a year while professionals can go through as many as a few pairs a week!

Since there are wide ranges of pointe shoe brands and styles, and dozens of variations dancers require for their specific foot, and even for specific roles or performances, gift cards to major shoe retailers and direct donations sent directly to Brown Girls are the most effective way for us to facilitate proper fittings and the purchase of pointe shoes for dancers demonstrating need.

We are proud to partner with major pointe shoe retailers including Gaynor Minden and Bloch,  who have generously provided support to the Brown Girls Do Ballet Pointe Shoe Initiative.  If you are a distributor or retailer interested in partnering with us on providing shoes and/or fittings for Dancers in need, please contact us.

To donate toward the Brown Girls Do Ballet Pointe Shoe Program, or to request assistance from the program, email