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Meka D. Langley

Meka Langley is a Cultural Lead & Administration Manager at the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI). At NMSI, Meka cultivates a non-encumbering environment of creative inspiration that translates through the minds of her coworkers, and into the young minds of students around the world.  NMSI, led by world-renowned astronaut and author Dr. Bernard Harris, is a company that strives to develop creative ways to help all students thrive and reach their highest potential in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. This is all made possible in part by management coaching, cultural awareness, think tanks, team building events, and creative spaces that encourage productivity. These are some of the many company development strategies that Meka oversees.

As the owner of AppleTree HR Consulting LLC., Meka is also a trusted professional in the Human Resources community with notable clients such as the Screen Actors Guild PPHP in Los Angeles, CA and the Laser Spine Institute of Dallas, TX (aka Minimally Invasive Spine Institute or MISI). During Meka’s time with MISI she spearheaded the HR department. With 14 yrs of Labor Relations, Ethics, & Employment Law experience under her belt, she was able to develop new policies, procedures, processes, and guidelines to meet current standards by local, state, and federal regulations. With these changes in place, she was then able to position the surgical center to obtaining a world recognized AAAHC Accreditation for Quality Service and Technology. This validated MISI in the area of advanced technology health services and ultimately allowing MISI to take on a nationwide partnership with the Laser Spine Institute. This is one of Meka’s pride achievements in foreseeing something greater for the company, and for pushing herself and the company beyond all expectations.

Meka began her educational pursuit at Tarrant County College where she received her Associates of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies. She went on to work at Faith A. Ford Law Group where she found her passion for Human Resources. Soon after she completed her Bachelors of Science in Management with a concentration in Human Resources at the University of Phoenix. Now, with two degrees and three certifications, Meka is venturing closer to achieving her Masters of Science in Management from the school of business at Texas A&M -Commerce, as she looks to the future for greater opportunities to come.

During Meka’s downtime, she finds relaxation in the creative arts. Whether it's general arts and craft, interior design and decorating, creative cooking, or listening to music; all help her stay mentally refreshed. Also, she likes to find peace outdoors in such ways as hiking, biking, kayaking, or many other fitness inspired activities that will provide a healthy challenge for her. If all else fails, she’ll get out and travel to someplace new to have an adventure. All of which is a mirrored expression of Meka’s business career and her mantra for life:

“Life is a Mental, Physical & Spiritual journey. Your mentality will form in the places your mind thinks. Your mindset will form in the places your physical body takes it. Your physical appearance will form in the image of your mentality. In other words, Never stop Experiencing… Never stop Exploring… Never stop Expanding to enjoy the full potential of all that life has to offer...!”