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Brown Girls Do Ballet® is a division of Brown Girls Do.™ , Inc, a registered 501(c)3. Our purpose is to promote diversity in the arts by providing annual scholarships, a mentor network, and community programs to empower young girls. Our mission is supported by merchandise sales and fundraisers.

Mission Statement

The mission of Brown Girls Do Ballet® is to help increase participation of underrepresented minority populations in ballet programs through organizing and arranging ballet performances, photo exhibitions, and providing resources and scholarships to assist young girls in their ballet development and training.

Our Story

Brown Girls Do Ballet®, a philanthropic organization often featured for its noteworthy Instagram movement, began in 2013 as a personal photography project by TaKiyah Wallace in an effort to highlight girls of Hispanic, African, Asian, East Indian, and Native American ancestry in Ballet programs. Wallace was taken by surprise upon discovering the lack of cultural diversity in local ballet schools while searching for a program for her then 3 year old. Like any mom, she grew concerned of how her daughter would feel in a class where no one resembled her.

Through her engagement with dancers, their families and the ballet community, TaKiyah developed a passion for re-defining a classically Euro-centric art form to reflect what America is today: beautifully diverse. Striving to touch the lives of little ballerinas, she set out to simply provide a media outlet highlighting the diversity. Little did she know, a movement would be born and this photo project would become so much more.

The Team

TaKiyah Wallace- Executive Director

Eva Shonuga - Grant Writing

Sekani Robinson- Research Intern

Clover Marie - Intern



OUR Board


Jasmine Anderson

Katoiya Bell

Amber Cabral

Tamara Cobb M.A.

Meka Langely, BA, SHRM-CP

Daphne Lee

Janis Roberson, M.A., LPC, NCC

Sherry Williams, Esq



2017 Scholarship Information


Current and Past* Initiatives

Brown Girls Do Ballet Photo Project

Ambassador/Mentorship Program

Tiny Dancer Book Club

28 Days of Dance*

The Recital

The Great Brown Ballerina Road Trip

Brown Girls Do, Inc Summer Intensive Scholarship 

Brown Girls Do, Inc College Scholarship

Brown Girls Do, Inc Small Studio Grant


Our Community


Brown Girls Do Ballet® is more than just an Instagram, we are a community of dancers, instructors, studio owners,  brands, and photographers. Learn how to get involved with our mission of providing more opportunities for dancers of color below.



Ambassador Program


We believe that every Brown Ballerina with access to proper mentoring and training should have the opportunity to learn from more experienced Brown Ballerinas. In this vein, we have elected to establish the Brown Ballerina Ambassador Program. Learn more about the Jr. Ambassador Program (ages 10-12) and Youth Ambassador Program (ages 13-17) by visiting here.

Affiliate Photographer

Photographers grow us

Affiliate photographers are charged with introducing the world to the dancers in their cities and are also given first choice on our publication opportunities. Although the application period for 2016 has ended, photographers with a passion for dance are invited to submit ballet work year round for our blog via regular submission. If you are a dancer looking for a photographer who knows dance in your area visit here.


Blog Contributor

write for us

Brown Girls Do Ballet® is always eager to hear and showcase different perspectives.  If you love ballet and diversity and are interested in empowering others, submit your resume and 2-3 writing samples here.



Brown Girls Do Ballet® operates as a non-profit organization and thus depends on fundraising through events, merchandise sales, and donations, etc.  We thank you in advance for any contributions made to us and assure you that every penny will make a difference in the lives of ballerinas of color near and far.

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