Let's Hear It For the Boys : Davon Doane

One of the first pieces of feedback that we received from a fan online was "What about the brown boys that do ballet?" Our solution was to honor our male counterparts on Fridays in a series that we call 'Let's Hear It For the Boys!' This week we have a treat, a guest piece from Sarita Lou of 'For the Love of Dance' featuring Davon Doane!

For the Love of Dance is an original arts web series celebrating diverse dances in New York City!  Filmed during Summer 2014, Season One episodes include Principal dancers Lloyd Knight and Masha Dashkina-Maddux of the Martha Graham Dance Company, Salsa with Talia Castro-Pozo, Swing Dancing with Roddy Caravella, "It's Showtime" - Bboys on the A Train, Broadway Dance with Saycon Sengbloh, Zumba with Gerard Patalano, and the 8th Annual Dance Parade!

Today's episode features Davon Doane of Dance Theatre of Harlem.  He takes us into the heart of Harlem and shows us how DTH and the Harlem neighborhood are intrinsically connected.  He also tells us his story of how he came to NYC to pursue his dreams.  I personally love this episode and am so proud the BGDB is sharing it with you!

We are currently in pre-production for Season Two, so get in touch with us if you have ideas for episodes you'd like to see!  You can email me, your host, Sarita Lou at saritaloudance@gmail.com :)  And until next time, keep dancing!" -Sarita Lou