iamballet: Ballet class is in session!

At Brown Girls Do Ballet™, our mission is simple; to help increase participation of underrepresented minority populations in ballet programs through providing resources and scholarships to assist young girls in their ballet development and training.

Each week Brown Girls Do Ballet™ helps to educate and better inform our community and the community-at-large of the basics ballet techniques and terminology with our "iamballet: balletwords series." As dance classes resume for the fall we will feature the eight positions of the body where all steps are executed from. We invite you to submit photos of your little ones in class in the various positions to be featured. Photos* will be featured on various Brown Girls Do Ballet™ social media channels, please submit to pj@browngirlsdoballet.com.

1. Croisé Devant

2. Quatriéme Devant

3. Effacé Devant

4. à la Seconde

5. Croisé Derriere

6. Ecarté

7. Epaulé

8. Quatriéme Derriére

*Brown Girls Do Ballet™ does its best to highlight dancers of color. Younger dancers are posted via the hashtag and email submission with parental permission. Any personal info released on a dancer was submitted and approved by the dancer's parent/guardian. We appreciate all submissions and thank everyone for their support.