Brown Ballerina Spotlight: Solise Freeney

We are so excited to announce one of our featured blog sections we call the Brown Ballerina Spotlight where we introduce the world to Brown Ballerina's past, present, and future. Meet Brown Ballerina Solise Freeney!

Full interview transcribed below:

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Photographer: Logan Reginato | Phoenix, AZ Dancers Name: Solise Freeney Hometown: Phoenix, AZ Years of Training: Solise is 6 years old and has been dancing since age 2. Current Studio or Professional Company: School of Ballet Arizona and Center Pointe Dance (both in Phoenix, AZ) Favorite Quote: And though she be but little, she is fierce. | William Shakespeare Social Media or Website: Instagram: @solisephxphenom YouTube Channel: Solise Freeney

Hello everyone! My name is Solise. I am six years old. I am a brown ballerina from Phoenix, Arizona.

Q: When did you begin taking dance lessons? A: I was two! I took tap, ballet and now I take 10 hours per week. I train ballet, jazz, lyrical and musical theatre. Specialty classes are turns & leaps, and flexibility. I’m a third year company member from Center Pointe Dance and a student from the School of Ballet Arizona.

Q: Why is Ballet so important to you? A: It’s very important to me because it’s a part of who I am. Granny Debbie was a professional ballerina and that’s why people tell me I was born to dance. Ballet has taught me discipline and strength for all the dance styles I train in. It’s also given me confidence and makes me feel happy.

Q: Do you have any dance role models? A: Yes, there are many people who are positive influences to my dance training. I look up to them. Granny Debbie was a classical ballerina. I love looking at her old ballet pictures. Aesha Ash because  she started dancing at a very young age like me. She flew to New York and Europe; I want to travel there too! Also, my dance teacher Logan, since she has been teaching me since I was 2 years old.

Q: What advice would you share with young girls interested in ballet? A: Ballet is really fun but it’s also hard work! It takes commitment and self -discipline. You have to study your ballet terms so when the teacher says, “take your place at the barre”, you know where to go. Always dance full out, because you never know whose going to be watching you.

Q: What are your dance goals for the future? A: When I am nine, I want to audition for the Nutcracker with Ballet Arizona. When I am ten, I want to complete my first pointe solo. When I am in middle school, I want to audition for summer ballet programs. I want to travel to San Francisco and New York City. I want to be a professional ballerina someday!

Q: What’s in your dance bag? A: Here’s what’s in my dance bag! There are my ballet slippers. There are my leg warmers. There’s my black and white leotards. These are must haves: my spray bottle and my bobby pins. There’s my brush and my comb so my mom can do my hair before class! Of course, my pink tights. Thanks for watching and thanks for supporting Brown Girls Do Ballet!

All images courtesy of Photographer: Logan Reginato | Phoenix, AZ