The Brown Ballerina Book Giveaway


"You can't be what you can't see."-Marian Wright Edelman

That's just what we're hoping to change with "The Ballerina's Little Black Book." From finding the right products to overcoming body-image issues, we've learned our young girls need to hear from ballerinas they can relate to. Help us give books to girls who need it the most!

This publication makes history as the first annual book for ballerinas of color. Our first edition focuses on resilence and purpose. Young girls will also learn how ballet encourages high academic performance and self respect, among countless other testimonials from empowering women of color. With insights from Aesha Ash to Alicia Graf Mack, the publication compiles a wealth of information sure inspire and answer many questions.

Our goal is to giveaway at least 100 books to dance studios, libraries and organizations to keep this treasure circulating for our young girls. We would greatly appreciate a donation, no matter how big or small! Every dollar counts. You can donate by visiting here.

We hope you join us in this journey, by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where we will be posting pictures, videos, and status updates daily during the trip! Thank you for your support!