Youth Ambassador Program

Brown Ballerina Youth Ambassadors

Brown Girls Do Ballet believes that every Brown Ballerina with access to proper mentoring, training and opportunities should have the opportunity to learn from, be inspired by, and be befriended by older more experienced Brown Ballerinas. In this vein, we have elected to establish the Brown Ballerina Youth Ambassador Program. These young ladies are advanced in their training, highly intelligent, and possess good leadership skills.

Our Brown Ballerina Youth Ambassadors program brings together BBT’s (Brown Ballerinas in Training) and mentors of diverse backgrounds to build community, be the local faces of Brown Girls Do Ballet in their communities and to assist in moving our mission forward.

Our program is designed to create opportunities for well trained dancers to be seen as leaders and eventual mentors to other BBT’s.

Are you a Brown Ballerina Youth Ambassador?

  • Are you poised and passionate about ballet?
  • Looking to make positive changes in the ballet community?
  • Open to public speaking?

What We Do

Brown Ballerina Youth Ambassadors are charged with spreading positivity on the role that diversity can play even in the realm of classical ballet. They are the defensive line as it relates to combating negative stereotypes about dancers of color, and therefore will serve as role models for dancers around them. They are responsible for sharing the mission behind Brown Girls Do Ballet. These young ladies will speak at regional Brown Girls Do Ballet functions, host and/or attend Brown Ballerina gatherings in their town or community, and personally commit to mentoring, via letters, emails, or in person “dates”, one or more younger Brown Ballerinas.

Term/Time Commitment

Brown Ballerina  Youth Ambassadors must commit to one year of campaigning. Each youth ambassador is required to undergo training (held via Skype and/or Google Hangout) before beginning their duties.

 Program Highlights and Opportunities

  • Work with an on the rise non-profit organization.
  • Create positive change in your dance community
  • Develop leadership skills and training
  • Collaborate with other youth ambassadors, affiliates and representatives, and dancers.
  • May be featured on the Brown Girls Do Ballet website
  • Brown Ballerina Swag Bags.

Qualifications and Requirements

Young ladies ages 13-17  believing themselves qualified, must submit an application, along with the following:

  • Dance Resume
  • Dance Photo (A shot in first arabesque or tendu a la secónde will be acceptable)
  • Recent Report Card
  • Leadership Experience (clubs, extracurricular, church, community service)
  • 2 Recommendations (name, title, organization/school, phone and email). Recommendations may come from dance teachers, school teachers, coaches, clergy leaders, camp counselors, and anyone who is familiar with your skills as a dancer and as a leader. A Word document is preferred.

Qualified applicants will be selected for an interview virtually or in person.

Applications will be accepted October 1, 2017-October 31, 2017 11:59CST