It Takes a Village

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Addison has been blessed with a beautiful opportunity. She has been accepted to begin training with Joffrey Ballet's year-around-training. 

She will train Monday thru Friday from 8 to 4 and then do academics in the evening. This is a dream come true! 

Joffrey for the first time is launching a second year-around-training-program in Texas. We simply could never go to New York and live there so it is exciting to see this door open in Texas. Joffrey will fly their teachers weekly from New York to Texas and she will train with people like Desmond Richardson, Mia Michaels, etc....

She has been accepted and received a small scholarship. We were given some incorrect information. The full price I had been given and basing our ability to make this happen turned out to be the price for Fall semester only. I had decided based on that amount that I could pay the tuition and told her she could go and thus we have been making preparations.